Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Double-barrel clues: Help me find them!

So now it's a quest to post up all the 'double-barrel' clues ever constructed, and I need your help. And if you can think of a better name than 'double-barrel' please suggest it!

Some background for those of you not familiar with what I'm talking about. A few weeks ago I posted up what I thought at the time was a unique clue as part of a whole crossword. I trumpeted it as the best cryptic clue ever. If you didn't see the crossword it is here: http://crypticcrosswordinnovations.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/best-cryptic-clue-ever.html Check it out: the double-barrel clue is 1ac and 7ac, but there are some other pretty good clues too (if I may say so myself). When you've had enough, you can see the solution here: http://crypticcrosswordinnovations.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/best-ever-cryptic-clue-solution.html

The double-barrel clue is:
Reconstruct: foster natural landscape (6)
Reconstruct: foster natural landscape (9)
No prizes for working out the six-letter solution, but what about the nine-letter solution?

OK, I got hammered a little about the 'best cryptic clue ever' claim on the grounds that others had used a similar device in the past. Well, now I want to find those clues and post them up for everyone. So far I have one other actual example, provided by Alberich (published in his first crossword for the Independent a couple of years ago). So now I have two examples: my own plus Alberich's. I will post them, but first I need to collect all the others out there - published and unpublished, so if you know of them please send them to me at stephane.savanah@gmail.com (or post it as a comment below).

I have been told that crosswords by Ximenes and Virgilius have both contained examples - do you have a copy of these or know where I can track them down? Let me know!

Meanwhile, don't miss the Treasure Hunt Trilogy -an innovative crossword set that includes a real treasure hunt. Part 1 is here: http://crypticcrosswordinnovations.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/treasure-hunt-trilogy-part-1.html. And check out other great crossword sites here: http://bestforpuzzles.com


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